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EDFAS Heritage Volunteers part of the team at the Museum of Scotland

Working on the Jean Muir exhibition at the Museum of Scotland inspired the EDFAS (Edinburgh DFAS) Heritage Volunteers to offer to help with the costume collection in any way possible, and in collaboration with the curator it was decided that the storage of this very important acquisition was the place to start

NADFAS Heritage Volunteers’ contribution to making a museum fully accredited by Arts Council England

Arts Council England has declared the complex run by King John’s House & Tudor Cottage Trust of Romsey to be a fully accredited museum. This key milestone was achieved with the help of NADFAS Heritage Volunteers.

Church Recorders – over 40 years of dedication and hard work to the cause of recording our churches history and heritage

Church Recorders at Moor Park, Rickmansworth and Bushey complete the recording of beautiful 12th century Holy Cross Church at Sarratt in Hertfordshire. For the first time a Church Trail has also been done in Holy Cross Church, which the team are also looking forward to testing

A donation from Cambridge DFAS Young Arts programme takes performing arts group for young people to a new level

Eddie’s is a local charity based in Cambridgeshire that supports children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, including a successful drama and performing arts group called Troublemakers.

Partnering with the Church Conservation Trust to support young people in creating their own artwork inspired by church artefacts

Northamptonshire DFAS’ Young Arts co-ordinator Carol Allen has been a member of the CCT and NADFAS for some time. She saw a great opportunity to work with CCT’s Heritage Learning Officers

A NADFAS Church Trail marks the unveiling of the restoration of a Lincolnshire parish church

Children get the chance to explore and learn about a newly restored Grade I listed church in Caythorpe through a NADFAS Church Trail, learning about its double nave and other important aspects of the church.

NADFAS Heritage Volunteers help fund storytelling at Kipling’s home by sourcing and restoring books for sale

At Rudyard Kipling’s Sussex home near Burwash, Bateman’s, there is a very special bookshop where Heritage Volunteers from the local NADFAS Societies are helping to restore and sell copies of his books.

At Your Fingertips – A Young Arts project for visually impaired children funded by six Kent Societies

How Medway DFAS and five other Kent Societies were able to fund an art project for visually impaired children at Rochester Cathedral with a little help from the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund. Click here to read on…

Massive photography archive at local museum conserved and made accessible by Heritage Volunteers in Fife

Fife DFAS Heritage Volunteers are involved in a project to conserve, and improve access to, a large collection of around 11,000 old photographic images of local interest stored by the St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum. 

Farnham Young Arts projects increase awareness of the need for art and creativity in our lives

By organising exhibitions in and out of schools for young artists, creating church trails and delivering art education for teachers, Farnham DFAS Young Arts volunteers achieve great outcomes for children and young people. 

Understanding and using valuable partnerships to benefit more in need

Jill Donnelly has an exceptional combination of energy, enthusiasm, practical common sense, vision and an ability to work with people from all walks of life. 

Creating a stir in East Devon’s schools and colleges with a Young Arts project

Budleigh Salterton Society in East Devon is a relatively new DFAS society and one that has set their area alight with their Young Arts project Budding Creativity. 

NADFAS Heritage Volunteers learn specialist skills to help archive the nation’s treasures

Heritage Volunteers from two East Midlands Societies have contributed their time and energies to some very unusual archiving projects and learned new skills in the process. 

Innovative play therapy project transports schoolchildren back to the 18th century

60 eight year olds will become Capability Brown’s trainees over the spring and summer to work on one of the sites on St Ann’s Allotments in Nottingham. 

Heritage Volunteers create a whole new altar frontal in St John Baptist Church, Cirencester

The Cirencester DFAS Heritage Volunteers have been doing a lot of conservation and restoration work on the parish textiles in 2015. They recently completed a new pulpit cover to replace the very worn one at St John Baptist Church. 

Lavant Valley DFAS Heritage Volunteers in Chichester Festival Theatre’s Pass It On archiving project

The volunteers were tasked with archiving the press cuttings about the theatre’s history. During this stimulating and enjoyable project, many new friendships were forged and a great esprit de corps developed. 

Children make a Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown commemoration stained glass window

The children in Year 2 at Fenstanton and Hilton Primary School commemorating the tercentenary of the birth of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, one-time Lord of the Manor of Fenstanton and Hilton. 

Using specific skills and expertise to innovate

Ten years ago at the age of 80, John Day joined the Book Conservation Team of Heritage Volunteers at the Bartlett Library of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall (NMMC). John’s skill in technical design was recognised immediately.