Children make a Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown commemoration stained glass window

Through this Young Arts project, the children have been guided by stained glass artist Sarah Hunt to look at elements of Capability Brown’s work as a landscape gardener. They have then incorporated them into a design for a stained glass window in the Church Centre which faces the school and which they will see every day. They also enjoyed a talk on the history of making mediaeval stained glass by a re-enacted Theophilus the monk.

The whole project originated from an idea developed by Judith Christie, a member of the Fenstanton CB300 group, Huntingdon DFAS and Granta DFAS and Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust (CGT). Working with Jill Donnelly, volunteer co-ordinator for Young Art projects for Cambridgeshire NADFAS, bids for funding applications were submitted and granted by the Heritage Lottery Fund, NADFAS at national and area level and by Huntingdon DFAS, and the Bythe parish councils of Fenstanton and Hilton to pay for the project.

Many people, especially Sarah Hunt and ‘Theophilus’ at the Ely Stained Glass Museum, Marion Barber, the children’s teacher and all the staff and volunteers at Fenstanton and Hilton Primary School have contributed time, effort and energy to give the children an experience of a lifetime.

“This was a fantastic project” said Marion, “everyone was absolutely amazed at what the children achieved. They rose to the opportunity, especially as some had never been to Ely or even seen a cathedral before. The enjoyment for the children has been immense. I am sure they will always remember going to the museum. The parents said it was the best trip they had ever been on.”

During the summer term Sarah Hunt will be creating the stained glass for the rest of the window and assembling it according to the design above. During August 2016 it will be installed in the Church Centre and will be dedicated by the Bishop of Huntingdon on Sunday on 28 August and unveiled by the Cambridgeshire Garden Trust at their weekend conference on Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown on 3-4 September 2016.


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