Church Recorders – over 40 years of dedication and hard work to the cause of recording our churches history and heritage

Not to rest on their laurels, these ever-keen Church Recorders have now started work on their seventeenth Church Record at St. Andrews Church in Watford. This church was built in 1854 and, whilst a contrast in size and style to Holy Cross Church, they are looking forward to working there and making discoveries. The windows section of the team, for example, has learnt that it will have 49 traceries in the East Window as opposed to 7 in Sarratt!

 A happy and enthusiastic team of fifteen Church Recorders come together one morning a month, each working on their own sections but always looking forward to the coffee and biscuits chat session. They have a very supportive Area Representative who joins them on a regular basis and they say they would be lost without her! The team also say how much they love the work they do and feel it is a valuable asset to NADFAS.


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