Creating a stir in East Devon’s schools and colleges with a Young Arts project

Budleigh Salterton DFAS set a challenge to local schools and colleges to join with them to involve local pupils to celebrate their own town and coast line. To begin with four primary schools and the local 6th form art college were invited. The project was to get the school children to write an adventure story based on their location. Each school wrote a chapter and then illustrated it. The art college pupils were asked to paint large murals based on the story which were then displayed on buildings and bill boards round the town. The challenge was accepted with enthusiasm!


In the first year an exciting book was printed, published and went on sale and many striking and very colourful paintings appeared all over the town, none of which were vandalised. Huge interest was raised and the whole community became fascinated by this project.


In their second year more schools were recruited in both the state and private sectors, and more art students were involves from three more colleges. Budleigh Salterton DFAS has been able to enthuses and involve a great number of young people to realise that they could full fill their creativity abilities with panache and with great enjoyment. Budleigh's success in getting so much co-operation and enthusiasm from schools and colleges is a tribute to their great idea and their incredible hard work.


Budleigh Salterton DFAS

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