A donation from Cambridge DFAS Young Arts programme takes performing arts group for young people to a new level

Troublemakers meets weekly and members are able to get involved in all aspects of performing arts; including drama, dance and singing. They also have the opportunity to get involved in designing props and sets, all of which helps develop communication skills, confidence and self-expression.

This term the group have also been gaining experience both behind and in front of the camera as they work towards producing a short film. The film itself is entitled ‘The Case of the Missing Yapper’ and has been put together with the support of two dedicated staff members and a team of volunteers. The film is based on a small toy dog that one of the members brings each week. Yapper is lost and all of the group members have a different idea about where they saw him last.

This year Cambridge Decorative and Fine Arts Society (CDFAS) have very generously donated £1,000 under its Young Arts Programme towards the Troublemakers group; making it possible for the film to be screened next month. Marika Newman, Performing Arts Tutor said, “We are so thrilled to receive such a wonderful grant from Young Arts. Having the opportunity to showcase the group’s film will be a huge achievement and a real boost to the group. The group have worked really hard producing the film and are very excited about seeing it on the big screen. It simply wouldn’t be possible to do this without the financial support that we’ve received.”

Vicky Field, from CDFAS said, “CDFAS is part of a national organisation which brings together like-minded individuals to share their appreciation of and commitment to the arts. Through its Young Arts programme CDFAS provides children and young people with exciting opportunities to get involved in creative arts activities. It’s wonderful to be able to support an area of the arts that makes such a positive difference to the lives of those involved in the project. The screening will give the group the opportunity to have their work viewed by a wider audience and hopefully gain further support for this worthwhile charity.”


Cambridge Decorative and Fine Arts Society (CDFAS) - www.cambridgedfas.org.uk

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