Heritage Volunteers create a whole new altar frontal in St John Baptist Church, Cirencester

The work of the Heritage Volunteers has been much appreciated at St John’s. The altar in the Lady Chapel has only one frontal at present and would benefit from having another, so that they can be rotated as appropriate. The Cirencester DFAS Heritage Volunteers would like to contribute a lasting memorial for the parish and they give time voluntarily and only ask for costs of any new fabrics and fringes to create the frontal.

The Heritage Volunteers took the initiative to find a professional designer Nicola Jarvis, with impeccable credentials who is able to make a design to their specifications for the altar frontal. They have also persuaded The Friends of the Parish Church to fund this particular project.

They met with the Rev. Leonard Doolan, their own vicar and Rev. Katie Richardson, who is one of the co-ordinators of this community project and jointly settled on what medieval buildings and artefacts from the church should be depicted. The vicars suggested that the group incorporate the Augustinian symbol on the frontal and quotation on the super-frontal - “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee“. The embroidery will be mainly worked in wool to reflect the wool trade at its peak in the locality from 1100 onwards for the next 400 years.

The group are also happy to have community involvement and propose asking local schools to come and do some of the stitching and also any member of the congregation who would like to spend an afternoon with them. They hope to have the frontal completed in 2017.


Cirencester DFAS

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