NADFAS Heritage Volunteers’ contribution to making a museum fully accredited by Arts Council England

Barbara Burbridge, Trustee/Management Chairman and Collections Manager at King John’s House has credited the Heritage Volunteers from Romsey DFAS as having a crucial role in the achievement of museum accreditation. The Accreditation Scheme is regarded as one of the most innovative and effective developments in the museum sector. It has led the way in raising museum standards in the UK, and has been used as a model and source of inspiration for similar schemes overseas.

Over two years work on organising the collections in the care of the Trust was a key part of the Accreditation process.  As soon as the successful outcome was known, Collections Manager, Barbara told Sue Mullane, the Romsey DFAS Heritage Volunteers representative and rota co-ordinator for King John’s of their success:-

“I couldn't have got the collection to the stage we have reached without your enthusiasm and support, and I really appreciate every type of input – from you managing the rotas to Stephen painstakingly scraping the old labels off the glass-fronted drawers, plus Ginny carting off items to treat for woodworm! The core work of tracing items, writing inventories and entering items onto the computer spreadsheet helped me to know the stored material well enough to get through the assessment day without a hitch. My thanks to all. Every member of the team has become a friend, and that is a much valued bonus”

The museum also has a list of room for improvement tasks to accomplish over the next three years for the Arts Council, so it looks like the skills and enthusiasm of the Romsey DFAS Heritage Volunteers will be needed for some time to come.

Barbara adds “Since the success of the accreditation, the members of the team have continued to work as keenly as ever. Several of them have even learned new skills such as the correct way to wrap garments in acid-free tissue. The nicest thing is that everyone seems to enjoy coming.”


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