NADFAS Heritage Volunteers help fund storytelling at Kipling’s home by sourcing and restoring books for sale

The Scullery Bookshop at Bateman’s is now home to one of the largest collections of second-hand Kipling books, many of which have been out of print for a long time. There is also a great collection of children's books from the last century that will bring back fond memories and capture the imagination of children today.

Book conservation and restoration is a particular enthusiasm of NADFAS Heritage Volunteers and in this case the proceeds are going to fund another way of telling Kipling’s stories. Proceeds from the shop will go towards the Storytelling project to create a very special storytelling space where Kipling's magical stories can be brought to life for everyone to enjoy. 

Seven NADFAS Heritage Volunteers are working at Batemans at present, restoring the books, helping to catalogue and price them and also staff the Scullery Bookshop. They also scour the surrounding towns for stock for the shop – one has even been to Scotland to find new stock! Some volunteers work as stewards in the house where they help tell the story of Kipling’s working and family life there. They have joined some of Bateman’s own National Trust volunteers in this venture.  It is a true coming together of volunteers from NADFAS and NT within the scope of a brilliant project.

The bookshop is a resounding success with income five times more than that initially projected. Michele Moatt and Holly Turner, who job share the volunteer development officer role at Bateman’s were responsible for recruiting, inducting, and organising training and practice space for the volunteers. Jackie Riley, Batemans’ retail manager, is the person behind the bookshop’s huge financial success. It is with Jackie and Pauline Wall, portfolio general manager, that Holly and Michele will be evaluating the volunteers’ roles and planning the next stage of the project.

NADFAS Heritage Volunteers underwent one day of training by Caroline Bendix, a book conservation expert who works closely with NADFAS in training many volunteers. This will be followed by another day of training next year for those who have progressed suitably and who would like to advance further. There will also be more basic training for a new cohort and it is hoped that the volunteers will become self-sufficient, able to train new cohorts in the future. Finally the project is such a success and has proven its worth so effectively the bookshop will be a centre for World Book Day on 2 March 2017 and also for the National Trust’s own book festival in May 2017.

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